Graduate Student Openings

The Zha Lab is looking for one or two graduate students who are interested in the fields of supramolecular self-assembly, biomimicry, soft matter, and nanomaterials. The student(s) will work to develop biomimetic antimicrobials or biohybrid materials for electrochemical energy storage. Qualified candidates should be creative problem solvers. Previous laboratory experience with organic/bio-organic chemistry, nanoengineering, microbiology, or tissue culture is highly advantageous. Oral and written communication skills are also valued. Interested candidates should email a cover letter and CV directly to Dr. Helen Zha.

Postdoctoral Research Openings

The Zha Lab is looking to hire one postdoctoral researcher to spearhead our research on biomimetic antimicrobials. This researcher will lead the synthesis and characterization of novel supramolecular nanostructures that target pathogenic bacteria with high specificity. The researcher will also contribute high-level input in the setup of our new lab and research group. Qualified candidates should have a Ph.D. in chemistry or a chemistry-related field and have practical experience in organic chemistry, bio-organic chemistry, or supramolecular chemistry. Oral and written communication skills are also highly valued. This position is available starting in January 2018. Interested candidates should email a cover letter and CV directly to Dr. Helen Zha.

About RPI and Surrounding Area

Founded in 1824, RPI is the nation's oldest technological research university. With 34 research centers and over $100M in annual research expenditures, RPI produces world-class research despite its intimate size. As of January 2018, the Zha Lab is a new addition to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at RPI and is situated in the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies. This center houses over 200 scientists and engineers across multiple fields as well as 9 core instrumentation facilities, thus fostering a seamless and collaborative workspace.

RPI is located in Troy, NY and enjoys the benefits of the Capital Region of New York. With close proximity to the cultural activities available in Albany, the convenience of Albany International Airport, the scenic outdoors of the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains, relatively low cost of living, and minimal traffic, the Capital Region provides a comfortable lifestyle for those who work at RPI.



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